Metos has been supplying Finnish professional kitchens for almost 100 years. We are the market leader in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the Benelux countries and belong to the ALI group. Metos employs about 750 people in ten different countries.

Metos Headquarters

Metos Oy Ab
Ahjonkaarre, 04220 Kerava
Tel. +358 204 3913

Metos Center 8 – 16

Spare Parts

Spare Parts
Tel. +358 204 3913


We kindly ask you to send invoices by email to following automated email address, format pdf or tif and each invoice separately

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Paper bills
Metos Oy Ab
PL 10298
FI-00021 Laskutus

Metos manufacturing

Kerava Factory
4220 Kerava

Stainless Steel Furniture Factory
Putkitie 4
79130 Sorsakorki

Tallin Factory
Saha tee 18, Loo
74201 Harjumaa