Metos has been supplying Finnish professional kitchens for almost 100 years. We are the market leader in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the Benelux countries and belong to the ALI group. Metos employs about 750 people in ten different countries.


Design service

Metos design service designs for our customers all types of professional kitchens and kitchen renovations with their kitchen equipment and work processes.

Well planned is half done

Metos design service prepares functional professional kitchen solutions for both renovation and new projects. Our customers always have access to methods based on the latest equipment technology. Our successful design is based on strong knowledge of both the technical details and our end customer’s core competencies – practical cooking.

Our design service conceives and produces about 1,300 plans annually – as references e.g. chain restaurants, staff restaurants, fine dining restaurants, transportation stations, store, kindergarten, school, hospital and production kitchens. As a local expert, Metos brings the best solution only to users operating in Finland. A foreign perspective can also be used through the international market and the Nordic market leader.

Functional kitchen throughout the life cycle

A professional kitchen will serve its users for several years. The profitability of an investment is rarely determined by the price of individual equipment. The economic entity is based on the competent, insightful and efficient utilization of equipment technology when planning the operation of a professional kitchen. In this way, the operating costs of the equipment, which in reality often determine the profitability of the acquisition, can be minimized. A functional and efficient whole is therefore more than the sum of its parts.

Metos’ design service can be integrated into a complete service that ensures the operation of the kitchen throughout its life cycle. Your own maintenance and training are at your disposal every day. We at Metos are responsible for the implementation of our plans – also in practice

The kitchen lives as needed

The planned entity must also be able to anticipate the future: the customer, the user, the price of electricity and water, food trends and much more. It must also be possible to apply new solutions in an existing kitchen. In Metos’ design service, the way is found, what solution is coming and how he has the opportunity to anticipate already in the design phase.

The design is based on practical know-how

When designing something new, it is often also good to get to see and experience the functionality of the device or method yourself. Our customers can be convinced that the ideas work in practice in Metos Center’s test kitchens, where they can test the functionality of equipment and work processes, hone new recipes or study the operating costs of equipment in terms of water and electricity consumption. The best plans are created in close connection with practice – a strong understanding of what the plan is made for and how the future kitchen will actually work.

Metos equipment symbols

Metos Symbols are a good help for designers who designs kitchen using AutoCAD or Revit. You will find the symbols on our Product-site. The symbols are equipped with technical data as attributes. Connection points are also shown in the symbols. In order to use the symbols, you have to register.

More information

Installation Drawings

Metos kitchen planners produce quickly and efficiently complete CAD-drawings on individual products as well as kitchen projects, including information on dimensions, water-, drainage- and electrical connections. On special request, we can also provide 3D- drawings to illustrate specific solutions.

Kitchen Intelligence

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