Metos has been supplying Finnish professional kitchens for almost 100 years. We are the market leader in the Nordic countries, the Baltic countries and the Benelux countries and belong to the ALI group. Metos employs about 750 people in ten different countries.


Quality and environment

The environment is our common issue

Quality and environment

High-quality and environmentally friendly operations are built on seamless cooperation in the whole product chain, from design to the entire life cycle of a kitchen or individual appliance. Metos is the first major company to receive ISO 9001 quality and ISO 14001 environmental certifications in its sales and service operations in the area of professional kitchens.

The environment is our common issue

Metos is committed to taking responsibility for the environment and is constantly developing new, more environmentally friendly solutions. To achieve improvements, we work with customers, suppliers and partner companies. Equipment investments are made for several years of use, so the solutions made in kitchen design will have a long-term impact.

In addition to the ISO 14001 environmental certificate, we ensure that all recyclable material is recovered. We have joined the action plan of the Energy Efficiency Agreement and significantly improved the efficiency of our own energy use in our locations.

Life cycle thinking

The manufacture and sale of dishwashers and their transport caused only about one percent of the environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the machines. Everything else comes from usage. We have consistently invested in technology that has made it possible to drastically reduce the energy, water and detergent consumption. These solutions are available to you today in all applications from smallest undercounter machines to the largest flight type washing machines. We are constantly collecting detailed information on kitchen energy and water consumption. With the research data we produce, we help  professional kitchens to succeed.

Customer orientation

We develop our products and services in cooperation with our customers. We study our customers requirements and needs thoroughly to ensure the correct basic information. We actively collect customer feedback and utilise it in our operations.


We actively train our personnel to improve their understanding of the end-user operations and business environment as well as of professional kitchen processes and product technologies. We actively develop new solutions, which improve the competitiveness of our customers. We actively develop our own processes to be able to offer our solutions more cost-effectively and profitably.


We offer our customers efficient and reliable concepts during the kitchen’s whole lifecycle. We offer our customers solutions, which are gross-economically beneficial during their whole lifecycle. We create and maintain long-standing customer relationships and continuously improve Metos image as the preferred partner.